Easily Organize Toys With These Simple Storage Products

Are you like me and struggle with your kid’s toys being all over the house? Do you wish you have a better way to organize your kid’s toys? While we still have a mess of toys around our home, finding ways to organize the toys has definitely helped. At this point, the mess is more because our kids forget how to pick up their toys. Maybe you can sympathize we with?!

Toy Storage on Amazon

Here are some of the top toy organizers on Amazon. While I haven’t personally used all of these items, I chose organizers that had great reviews. 

Storage Bins

HoneyCanDo SRT-01603 Kids Toy Storage Organizer With Bins Pastel
This toy organizer comes with 12 removable plastic bins. It is also available in other colors. Purchase it here.

Multi-Bin Toy Organizer, Disney Minnie Mouse
This multi bin organizer has 6 baskets – 3 small, 2 medium and 1 large. It is available in a variety of themes, such as Frozen and Doc McStuffins. You can purchase here.

Adorn Home Essentials| Dual Handle Foldable Cloth Storage Cube| 6- Pack
This storage cube organizer comes with 6 cloth, foldable storage bins. The bins come in a variety of colors. You can purchase here.

Sterilite 4 Drawer Wide Weave Tower, Espresso
This plastic storage tower is a great decorative option. We actually have this exact tower and it works great! You can purchase here.

Stuffed Animal Storage

Creative QT Stuffed Animal Storage Bean Bag Chair
We have this bean bag chair for our son’s stuffed animals and it’s perfect. For more information and to see ours, check it out at Organizing Toy Ideas Tips and Tricks. You can purchase it here.

MiniOwls Storage Hammock Toy Organizer, Large
This toy hammock comes with everything to hang the hammock and comes in different colors. Check it out on Amazon.

MiniOwls 10 Clips OR Toy Chain with 20 Clips 
Includes everything you need to start. Easily clip animals and get them off the floor. Purchase here.

Sorbus Toy Chest with Flip-Top Lid, Kids Collapsible Storage
This foldable toy chest with handles is a great way to hide all those stuffed animals. It’s a great storage option for other toys too! Different colors available. Check it out here.

Other Storage Options

KidKraft Bookcase with Reading Nook Toy, White
This reading nook not only offer storage for books and toys but it even has a built-in reading nook! Perfect since they can read where the books are, and hopefully this will help your books stay in one area. Other colors available. For more information, visit here.

DII Printed Polyester Storage Bin
This collapsible bin gives storage for anything from stuffed animals to toys to blankets and more! It comes in a variety of sizes, patterns and colors. (I love them all!!). Starting around $12, check them out!

Naomi Home Kids Toy Sling Book Rack, Cream/Natural
An alternative to a bookcase, this allows your child to see the front of the books. Comes in different colors at a great price, currently around $20. Click here to see the different options.

3 Sprouts Play Mat Bag – Large Portable Floor Activity Rug
These play mat bags are a great idea! Perfect for small toys like legos, building blocks or even Barbies. Just fold it up with the toys inside. I love that this one has sides! Different patterns available. Check them out here.

Sterilite 19849806 18 Quart/17 Liter Ultra Latch Box, Clear with a White Lid and Black Latches
I know these aren’t the most fashionable option, but clear totes are a great way to store toys. It allows you to see what is inside and they are easy for kids to open and close. Check them out here.


I know there are a lot of different to toy storage options. I would love to hear what your favorite way to store toys is. Please comment below and share with all of us, it may help someone else.

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