Simple Way To Clean Your Kid’s Bath Toys

I went into my kids’ bathroom the other day to clean their tub and I noticed their bath toys. (For a great tub and shower cleaner, check our my blog Shower Cleaner with Dawn and Vinegar – Easy and It Works! ) Yikes! The toys were covered in mildew or mold. Gross! (please don’t judge 🙂 )

I was going to throw them out but even though my kids are not babies anymore, they still wanted to keep them. Well, I didn’t want to spend money on new toys so I set out trying to figure out how to clean bath toys.

Dirty bath toys on a wire shelf in bathtub

After doing a little research, some from, I realized I was able to easily clean them with some household products I already had at home. Also, I loved that I didn’t need to use bleach.

Simple Items

One of the best parts of this cleaning task is the fact that I didn’t have to purchase anything. I already had everything I needed in my kitchen! I used 3 simple items – vinegar, hot water, and an old toothbrush.

Large jug of white vinegar sitting on granite kitchen counter

Step 1 – Squeeze Out Excess Water

To clean your bath toys, the first thing you need to do is squeeze out any excess water that is inside your toys.

Step 2 – Soak

The next step is to soak the toys in the cleaning solution. Mix three parts hot water and one part vinegar. Allow the toys to soak for at least 10 minutes. (I ended up leaving them for closer to an hour because I got busy with something else.)

Bath toys in a vinegar solutions in a stainless steel kitchen sink

I just filled my kitchen sink with the vinegar solution and put the bath toys in the sink. I had enough solution in the sink so the toys were covered as much as possible. I did move the toys around every so often to make sure all parts of the toys were covered.

Step 3 – Brush

After the toys are finished soaking, I used an old toothbrush to scrub all the crevices. What mildew or mold was still left on the toys easily brushed off with the toothbrush. There was no need for vigorous scrubbing, it was a quick brush and I was done!

Step 4 – Rinse

After cleaning the bath toys with a toothbrush, I did a quick rinse to make sure all the gunk was gone.

Blue Thomas the Train bath toy - dirty before and clean after
Bath toys in wire shelf in tub - dirty toys before and clean toys after

After following these easy steps, my kids’ bath toys looked new! They looked so good the kids even commented to me about how clean they were!

If you have any cleaning hacks for bath toys, I would love to hear them!

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