Diary of a Stay at Home Mom – February 22, 2018

I can’t believe we are already more than half-way through February. Where does the time go? Soon it will be Spring Break for the kids and then summer break and then….. on and on, time flies by. I’ve been told the older you get, the faster time goes. So far in my life, I can attest to that!


It’s been a rough week. Actually, to be completely honest, it’s been a rough year so far with situations that have come up. I always find it interesting how sometimes life hits me harder than other times. Right now, I am very emotionally and mentally drained even though nothing new has happened the last few weeks. So while I can’t place my finger on anything specific that has caused this mental state right now, all I know if that I’m fried. I also haven’t been sleeping well the last few nights which definitely isn’t helping the situation.

First, a disclosure – I need to say that I love my kids more than words could say and they are amazing. I have never had to meet with a teacher over behavior problems or anything like that. I am so proud of them and who they are but in the spirit of transparency, this can be the life of a stay at home mom.

Now going back to my current frazzled situation. The problem is that when I am like this, my patience level is very low. So I am not sure if it is because my patience is low or if the kids are actually getting worse but it seems that there is constant bickering between the two of them. I think the most frustrating part is that they are arguing over the most ridiculous things! This morning, my son was upset at my daughter because she wanted to turn the lights on in the kitchen. Not only that but he was upset because she was going to start making his breakfast!!! Then she is throwing a fit because while I sent her to get her lunch box from her school bag, I buttered her toast. Apparently, she wanted to do that and therefore, that meant her plopping down on the floor and whining and complaining.

Melissa and Doug

These are the days when being a stay at home mom is definitely not glamorous. There are definitely times when I feel taken for granted. Or times when I feel like they are more concerned about pleasing other people than worrying about me. If you can relate to any of these situations, you are not alone. A couple different friends this week have been having the same issues and it’s helpful to know that this is somewhat normal. And while I was so frustrated this morning, now that they are at school for the day, I miss them. With so many tragedies involving school shootings, it brings back around to me what really matters. While cleaning or less bickering and complaining is important, in reality, it’s not what is MOST important. My faith and family……that’s what really matters. Their hugs and kisses, their sweet notes, their unprompted compliments, these are what I need to focus on. I think I sometimes struggle with what are appropriate expectations for their ages. And honestly, if they are going to act up, I would rather them do it at home instead of at school or church or a friend’s house. I know it’s because they feel safe at home and their guard is down. As I look back on this post, I realized that I just really rambled on. I don’t know if you found it annoying or encouraging but I am glad you’re here. And if you are struggling with things and that sometimes creeps into life at home, you are not alone. Now on to a different topic…

Valentine’s Day

So, my husband and I don’t really do gifts for Valentine’s Day anymore. To be honest, I can’t really remember when we stopped. While we still enjoy the day, we just don’t buy gifts. At least, that’s what I thought. This year, as I am sitting on the couch working on my computer, the dog starts barking. I look out the window to see a delivery truck. No big deal, our neighbors have a lot of things delivered. However, as I look up a couple minutes later, I see the deliveryman walking towards our house with a rectangle box…

… As he gets closer, I see it’s a box from ProFlowers. My sweet husband sent me flowers. They are beautiful and smell great, there is only one problem. I didn’t have anything for him! Of course, he didn’t care, he wanted to surprise me. He knows I don’t normally get him anything so he wasn’t expecting anything. But there is still that feeling of awe, man! And at this point, it is too late to get anything.

Have you ever been in that situation? Where someone brought you something and you have nothing in return? I always find it one of those awkward moments, although I think it isn’t that bad when it comes to your spouse. Throughout the years, I know I have been on both ends – surprising Neil or being surprised by him. I think it’s definitely worse when it is an acquaintance and you don’t feel completely comfortable laughing it off or anything like that? Do you have any of these moments you would like to share? Help me know that I’m not alone in this 🙂

Snow, Rain, Sun, Repeat

I don’t know where you live but Ohio’s weather is never boring. Not always great but never boring. In the last week or so, we have bounced around between seasons. I love all the seasons and the fact that we get to see them all but not all in one week! While I love the sunshine, I don’t think I could live where it was hot all year long. By the time the season change rolls around, I am ready for the next one. However, when we have a winter like we are having right now, I start to question that mindset.

See, I love winter as long as it stays winter. I love the beauty of the snow when everything is perfectly covered in a white blanket. I love seeing the kids make snow angels or build a fort. However, once I get a taste of spring near the end of the winter season, it’s hard to back to winter. We had a lovely day of 70oF this week. Not having to wear a coat, going for a walk, sending the kids outside to play. It was beautiful! However, now when I look out the window I see the trees covered in ice. Ugh! And on top of it, now that same cold temperature from earlier in winter seems so much colder now. Does that happen to you? What’s your favorite season?

Looking ahead

It’s Thursday and I am looking forward to another weekend. Grady has a soccer game and I love watching him play. We are getting together with good friends which will mean a night filled with laughter and good conversation. Finally, another Sunday at our church which always lifts me spiritually. What are you looking forward to?

If you would love to share any of your life stores, I would love to hear them. Just use the comment section below.

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