Diary of a Stay At Home Mom – February 20, 2019

Wow! Time flies! I can’t believe how long it’s been since I posted last.

Getting Settled Physically….

When I last blogged, I was working at unpacking and making our house our home. It seems like it would be easier to unpack than pack but I’m not sure which was easier. Obviously, when packing, you are wrapping fragile items, labeling boxes, and sorting items that will go together. That’s a lot of work so you would think unpacking would be faster but it’s still exhausting.

First, you start mentally exhausted from moving and I having to make decisions. Well, that’s basically all unpacking is….deciding where everything should go. It’s like starting with a clean slate, so I wanted to make sure that everything was in the best place possible. Our other big problem, we moved from a 3000 sq ft house into a 1200 sq ft house. Where does everything go? We did pare down what we moved. We had a huge garage sale and donated or trashed a lot of stuff but we still had the struggle to find a home for everything but we finally got everything unpacked that we need. (Unfortunately, it’s still a struggle when we are looking for random items that never made it out of their box.)

Getting Settled Emotionally and Mentally…

I wish I could say that it was an easy transition and everything went well, but that would be lying and the point of this blog is to be authentic. Moving from a large house to a small house brought more struggles than just where to put things. We have 2 kids (10 and 6 at the time we moved) and they were used to lots of space to run around and play. Unfortunately, that is a luxury we just don’t have in this home. It’s a ranch with a somewhat finished section in the basement – finished enough for kids to play 🙂 .

Not only were they struggling with where to play, but we were also struggling with that. Whether they are playing or we are watching TV, it’s pretty much all in the same space. Have you ever tried watching TV or have a conversation while 2 kids are running around playing with Nerf guns or Minecraft figures? We also missed having our own space. Unfortunately, with everyone exhausted and stressed, tempers rose more quickly than normal. We struggled with the noise and the kids struggled with where to go and how to play. Looking back, I wish I handled it differently. I should have prayed for more patience and love but I didn’t.

Finally Settled…Now What

At this point, I can thankfully say that I feel like we are home. We have adjusted and figured out how to live in a smaller home. I still miss the space of a larger house, but I love how quickly I can clean a smaller house! Just the difference in vacuuming a 2 story house to a ranch is a huge time saver. Our kids are enjoying their schools, my husband loves his job and home is finally home, so now what…

So life is now moving in the right direction and all is well, right? Well, what we didn’t expect was now that life was settled, we were sad. A friend who moved often growing up told me that her parents would say 4-6 months after moving, you mourn what you lost. It sounds really strange but that’s exactly what it feels like. We feel lonely and miss our friends. While we have started new friendships, it just isn’t the same. There is something so special about being able to see a friend at the grocery store or church. Being able to talk about your week and they already know why it’s significant. They already know all your backstory. They can tell by just looking at you whether you’re up or down. You don’t realize how special that is until it isn’t there anymore. So now I am looking to build new friendships here, while still clinging to our old friendships. I know we will grow apart from some of those friends but I am also so blessed to have friendships that will remain close, regardless of the distance between us.

New Adventure

So, kids are settled, my husband is working and I’m at home. Life actually started to get a little boring for me. I’m not connected in the community very much yet and house maintenance is diminished, so I ended up with more free time on my hands than I expected. My husband felt called into ministry, so we should our part of our business and my husband got a job as an Associate Pastor as soon as he finished his schooling. That is involved changes in more ways than just moving, we took a large hit financially but trust that we are following God’s will for us.

My kids have never experienced me working outside the home (except for helping with our own business sometime) and we didn’t want to add that change to this already stressful time for them. (I’m also not sure that I am ready for that either). So that being said, I started looking for another way to make money from home so I started a business, Emalene.com. With some help from my husband, I have started making wood signs and other home decor items. When we moved, I realized how important decor is to make a house feel like home. I found that I enjoy making these wooden signs and other items and hope that I can help, even just a small bit, in making someone’s house their home.

Emalene Designs for your Home #homedecor #handmade

And So Life Goes One

It has become apparent through this that life doesn’t slow down regardless of what is going on. For a while, I just was just focused on hanging on through it but now I feel like I am starting to enjoy the ride Through all the ups and downs this process has brought, I am very thankful for some of our “new normals”. God has blessed us in many ways through this and I know He will continue to do so. And so life goes on….

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