Diary of a Stay At Home Mom – February 12, 2018

I can’t believe we are almost to the middle of February. It’s crazy how quickly time goes by and the older I get, time seems to go by even faster!

I remember when my kids were really little, I couldn’t wait for them to talk or crawl or walk. Now those days seem so long ago! Certain days now, I wish for those times as they seemed simpler. Although in reality, all stages have their ups and downs. Potty training for us seemed like a never-ending stage. I really struggled with both Grady and Zoe and they took longer than normal. Now those days seem like a distant memory and other problems have taken their place. As a word of encouragement, if you feel like you are stuck in a stage, it will pass and seem like a distant memory.

The Little Things

A lot of times, it is the little things that can have a huge impact. We had our best friends over for dinner, which is always a great time. It’s a special friendship when not only the parents get along but so do the kids. She brought a small bouquet of fresh flowers, nothing big or fancy but the thought meant so much. Also, having beautiful, colorful flowers in the middle of winter is regenerating. It’s that promise that spring will come. Every time I walk through the kitchen and see those flowers, it brings a smile to my face.


Hours of talking and laughing can do so much when you are struggling and stressed. Being able to be real, honest and vulnerable and being loved even through all that means so much. I truly hope that you have friends like that. Are you able to be real and honest? Do you hold everything in? I struggle at times with holding things inside and in the long run, it is harmful to me and those around me. Being able to release those struggles and feelings means I don’t have to hold on to it and eventually erupt. Now I talk about this with Grady as he holds onto to things and then will throw a fit and lose it over the tiniest of issues. I know it isn’t that one issue that is the problem but the piling on of little problem after little problem. I want to help him recognize this while he is still young and hopefully be able to correct it as he matures. Do you have any suggestions on how to deal with this?



It is one of my favorite times right now. The Winter Olympics are on and I love the Olympics. I remember sitting as a family when I was young watching the Olympics in our living room. Holding your breath as your favorite athlete is competing, almost as you are competing with them. We sat as a family last night and watched some events together and it was a great time. When my kids are older, I would love them to have those same fond memories that I remember as a child.

Showing patriotism and cheering for your country. Learning about other cultures and nationalities. So much to learn and some of it has nothing to do with sports. Yesterday we were watching a 17-year old win a gold medal in snowboarding. It was so amazing and refreshing to see other snowboarders so excited for him and congratulating him even though they were from a different country (and it also means they didn’t win). With so much going on in the world right now and division everywhere, it was refreshing to see people come together.

It also is convicting and inspiring at the same time. These athletes have trained their whole life and sacrificed so much so they could some day try to become the best in the world at their sport. I can’t even imagine what they have given up – food, time with family and friends and just living a “normal” life. (Yes, it is sad that food was the first sacrifice that came to my mind!) I have a hard time sticking to a house cleaning plan and they have committed their whole life to one thing. Not only that but all that training and commitment and their dream of a gold medal could be over in seconds – depending on their sport. That is definitely an inspiration to strive for what I want.

Do you watch the Olympics? What are your fond memories of an activity with your family? I would love to hear what you remember doing as a child.

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