Diary of a Stay At Home Mom – April 4, 2018

Hello to all of you out there. I would love to say that is a beautiful spring day in Ohio but as I look out the window, it is snowing for the second time this week. Even though the calendar says April, apparently the weather hasn’t caught up it! My kids are on spring break and I would love it to be beautiful so they could spend most of the day outside. Thankfully, they have played outside a little but mostly they are indoor bound.

Unexpected Preparations

We are transitioning out of owning a business and entering into a new phase of life. My husband is interviewing to become a pastor and we are in preparations for this life change. Not only does it mean a change in profession, but it will also mean a change in location. We have been blessed in the fact that I love our town and we have been able to be here for almost 16 years. So now becomes the preparation of getting out house ready to sell as well as preparing hearts and minds for this transition. I knew it would be difficult for our kids but I wasn’t expecting how hard it would hit me now. I am anticipating difficult times down the road as we say our goodbyes to family and friends but I was surprised at the feelings that are already invading my thoughts – sadness, excitement, fear, anxiety.

Expected Preparations

Now the preparations of our home I was expecting, not looking forward to but expecting. It’s amazing when you start looking at your home through a different set of eyes. There are so many issues and things that need to be updated that I didn’t really notice until now. And boy oh boy, there are lots!! Living in a home for 9 years with 2 kids and a dog, things tend to get banged up especially walls. That being said a lot of the updating is painting. I don’t mind painting but I am probably more particular than most. (I may have a little OCD about things like that). However, I am constantly having to remind myself that it doesn’t have to be perfect. I probably won’t be the one looking at it in the future. The thing I like about painting is the fresh, clean look that a newly painted room has. Regardless of how dirty and banged up the wall might be, it can have a new start with some paint and a little effort. I kind of feel like that is me right now – a little banged up looking for a fresh, new start.


While I am looking forward to our new adventure, I am not looking forward to moving. Not just the packing and unpacking, but the whole thought of finding new services – schools, doctors, hairdresser, and even things like the grocery store. I know that will be one of my biggest obstacles because I like the comfort (and unfortunately control) of knowing where everything is. I hate the feeling of not knowing exactly where I am or where I am going.

I am going to start slowly packing things that we won’t need for a while – winter clothes, extra dishes, etc. I really want to be organized when packing so it will make unpacking easier. In addition, we will most likely be moving to a smaller house and I know not everything will be unpacked due to lack of space. So I need to be organized so that I am not unpacking and repacking items that we don’t need. Do you have any good tips for packing or moving? I would love to hear them!!


On a side note, I am so proud that I actually got taxes done before April 15 and we don’t have to file an extension! I hate doing taxes and being self-employed means that it isn’t just a simple form. Thankfully we have an awesome accountant but I have to categorize our expenses, find receipts, etc to send to her. Did you get your taxes done on time? Or are you a procrastinator like I normally am?


I hope the start of spring is going well for you. Hopefully, you can enjoy the birds singing and the flowers blooming. Those are a couple of my favorite parts of spring. What is your favorite part of spring?

If you have any questions or comments, please enter them in the comment section below. I would love to hear from you!

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