Diary of a Stay At Home Mom – April 17, 2018

I really wanted to greet you with a “Hello from sunny Ohio. However, unfortunately, it is still Sprinter here (not sure if it is spring or winter). Friday was a beautiful sunny 80 degrees and today is 32 degrees and snowing. How does this happen! Spring……please come!!

New Chapter

Today was another step towards a new chapter in our life. My husband, Neil, had his accreditation interview with our church’s district office. He needed to pass this in order to become a licensed pastor in our denomination. We were informed that it would be intense and they weren’t kidding! I had to be there to answer some questions but most of it was directed at Neil. Have you ever been in a situation where it was incredibly stressful for your spouse or child but cannot help them?

He did amazing and they approved him but there were times when he was struggling to find the words or the right answer. All I could do was sit there and pray! It’s so hard to see those we love struggle with something. While this was just a couple hours, sometimes those struggles last longer than a day and we wish we could just fix the problem for them. Not that I have all the answers but sometimes supporting them is all we can do and it seems like nothing. However, sometimes support is exactly what they need!


Still Painting

As I continue to work on freshening up our house, I think the role of the painter may never end! Unfortunately, the paint we chose for our cabinets is taking 4 coats of paint and this beautiful cold weather isn’t helping the drying process either! I have enough of the kitchen painted that I can start to see the new look. My husband loves the new colors and it is starting to grow on me. It’s amazing how one change as simple as colors on a wall can change the whole feel of a room. We chose a cream color for the cabinets and it brings such warmth to the kitchen. So weird that color can bring on a feeling or emotion. Have you ever had a color take you back in time or make you feel a certain emotion?


When I first started blogging, they recommended that your blog posts should have a certain number of words for better rankings for online searching, etc. While I can reach that threshold some time, I have realized that sometimes my life really isn’t that interesting. Do I really have that much happen that would be interesting enough to share with others? Is it interesting enough to have people take the time to read it? I’m really not sure! 🙂

While each day of mine is not exactly the same as the next, they mostly fall into the same categories. For the most part, this works for me because I like the comfort of knowing what I can expect to happen. I do not do change well – of course, this is why we have decided to completely uproot our life! Ah! And yet, everyone is different. I have a good friend who loves change! That makes me smile because in some ways we are so different and yet in others we are the same.

Which do you prefer? The consistency of a routine and sometimes monotonous life or would you rather live day by day never really know what is going to happen? I am curious to know which personality is more common.


And That’s It

So as boring as it is, that is life right now. Don’t get me wrong, I’m okay with boring. We are all healthy and have no major complaints. So whether you enjoy boring or excitement, I wish you the very best!

If you have any questions or comments, please leave them in the comment section below. I would love to hear your thoughts!

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